Wednesday, July 29, 2015


My name is Tia.

I am Intelligent, I am Strong, I am Kind, I am Loving, I am me and wouldn't want to be anybody else.

For those who don't know already know about me it's a little hard to hide the tubes on my face. I was born at 28 weeks gestation. I was born with underdeveloped lungs, that is called Bronchodysplasia. In 1999 I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension secondary to the lung problems. (Google those at your own leaser. I have overcome any statistics that PH prognosis gives or one doctors gave my parents at birth.)

I don't let those things define me.

I am still figuring out what I want to write to the world. Continue to follow me on this blogging road to see where it takes me.

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