Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Every so often the topic of children comes up. I have always known physically I shouldn't carry my own child. I learned what surrogacy was when I was young and I always said I would have a child that way.

There is gestational surrogacy which is they take a woman's egg, and a man's sperm and create the baby. Then another woman carries the child and the baby is %100 genetically the parents. Last night the topic came up in discussion again this time we talked about it in depth a little more. Mac says "How about we just find a really pretty girl that has brown hair and brown eyes." We haven't looked into any of what fully goes into what has to be done for surrogacy. Only from stories I've read of other women's experiences. But Mac says he doesn't want me to have to go through that. My response may have sounded selfish but if it isn't both of us I rather adopt. I feel like if it isn't both of us I don't want it to be either of us. I suppose since I already wouldn't be carrying a child, I already don't want it to be his and another women's genetics.

I've thought about it more in depth lately. I am in no rush to have a child by any means right now but in a weird way I have thought "God forbid what if I died before my parents." I in an odd way, I want them and Mac too to have something of me in there life. Is it weird for me to have the thought of something more then just old memories on papers, and things but an actual life that has apart of me in them to have for the rest of there lives.


  1. I agree completely tia! If I'm not in the equation I don't want my husband in it either.

  2. First off, surrogacy, adoption, and being pregnant are HUGE decisions no matter what! :)
    Here is something that crossed my mind. Even if you adopt, you are raising a child. It may not be your own flesh & blood. But from what I have learned growing up, flesh & blood isn't always true to the heart family. My "adopted" family is closer to me than my blood family. I am a reflection of my adopted family. Nothing like my blood family. I guess my point is... An adopted child can still be something of you after you are gone. :) It'll be a reflection of YOUR love and YOUR personality. It's a different way to think of it. But no matter what... You are great human being and soul.
    Xoxo Jessica Calkins

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